The Traveler’s Right of Heritage

The Traveler’s Right of Heritage….




I am a native of ….America….

I am a veteran of life


I played the game

I won – I lost

I know the secrets

And the secret is:

The game is not what we think it is at all.

The game is not about winning

It’s about knowing that it’s a game.


Problem is,

Once you know it’s just a game,

You don’t want to play anymore

But everyone else just assumes you’re still playing

Cuz it’s never even dawned on them to look

Out just beyond the horizon

To flip the board over see if it actually says “Parker Bros” on the back…


You don’t know that it’s all the same

That you’re trying so hard to obtain

A big blue house in a giant monopoly game

& shooting down the other players in the process


They all just keep rushing along

Running past go

Hoping to buy ….Park Place….

& park their little horse or hat there..


Living in it &

Not seeing the outsides of it &

Still fascinated by the differences in it’s people &

It’s landscape.

Thinking there’s a whole big country out there

Doing things you’ve never imagined

And they are…



I  know most all the types by now.

Sometimes I just watch

Sometimes I still play for fun

But it’s hard to want to stay in when

All the other players take it so seriously.



I suppose that’s why I play at night a lot

It’s the only time I can get anything done w/out having to spend half my time

Watching out for the other players knocking me off the board to better their own odds…



I know these players

Know them as they’re crossing the room before they even

Lay their money down on the table

And place their bets

On a high salary and a Hummer to drive

Over the board with

Ripping the green felt to shreads

So that not only will no one want to play with you but

NO One will be able to play Ever again.


Much of the time I’m aware that somehow

Somewhere along the way

I got nominated to be the protector

Of those who don’t know the game as well

I don’t even really want the job but someone’s gotta do it.


They cut you off at the counter

On the freeway

Energy imposing

And pushing


But I suppose we are ALL these people some days.

The thought that scares the dickens out of me…


I think

I know you.

I know them.

& they all think they’re different

including me.


And all around are vultures just waiting for the good players to

Turn their backs so they can steal the pot

w/out putting in the effort.


I know them all and

I don’t care for most.


All I really want is to be surrounded by those

Who also know

That it’s just a game

And now they play for fun more than just riches.

The type who try not to f*#k up the board for everyone else.

The type who understand that if you kill the other players’ desire to play,

Their sense of adventure,

They’ll just give up

Stop taking risks

Buy a mini-van

And secretly wish they could run everyone over with it

On the way back from the kid’s soccer game

And eventually,

They’ll start policing each other

Force everyone to stop taking risks

To fall in line

And give up

To let the rules dictate where they can and cannot go…


Each living in their own Truman Show…


And eventually,

There will be no one fun left to play with.

And that’s no fun.




I’m annie-ing up again

Gonna try another hand

I’m playing just for fun again but this time with

Eyes in the back of my head.


I don’t want what they want for the same reasons

I’m not intimidated by the “power” they think

Those things give them.


I’ve lived in this world for so long,

Walked amongst them

In every nook and cranny of this country


In every dusty cow town

And scraping city scape imaginable


And when people ask me, “Where are you from?”

I say, “….America…..”

“I’m a native.”


.. ©2008 Just Be ..


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