Let It All Go

Sometimes i travel in between time

in between the spaces

In these moments, we are everything all at once

And yet, magnificent in ‘my‘ uniqueness.

Most are intensely repelled and just as intensely attracted all at the same time.

We figured something out and hold a key

Like a special secret, yet still appear and sometimes are

Completely normal, even awkward, embarrassing;

phenomenal and dazzling.

A giraffe doesn’t know it’s abnormally tall,

That it’s neck is the ballerina’s dream

If it were alone, it would just know it were

Strangely out of place.

Maybe i should start drinking again

so i can see myself for what we all are

The sparkles outside.  A blur…

Bursting starburst into the universe

Returning to source.

We all do eventually

except those who don’t.

Do not let fear close the door to a heart that

belongs to everything…

It will try to kill the magic

Blanket it in blackness

Kick your shoes off instead

Squish the grass in your toes

Be child-like

Bring humor to every gathering and you’re already halfway there…

And when you find it, let it go

Let it All go.

It is the only way to true freedom and true love


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