Slapping God in the Face (A Letter to Myself)

In terms of relationships, I want to WANT to have someone in my life as a partner because they are a nice addition to my already abundant awesome life not because I NEED them in order to complete that life or fulfill some sense of lack within me. I love and can take care of myself. I don’t need a partner to confirm that.

Love yourself whether anyone else does or not. Don’t look outside of yourself for the love that you need. It’s in you. Forgive yourself and those around you every day. Say a prayer every morning that the GOD energy of all that is will continually forgive those within it who, due to old programming, stay predominately in a state of poverty, victimhood, vindictiveness, frustration, insecurity, ego, projection of their own fears, drama, and negativity, and know that sometimes this will be you. Do not, however, allow yourself to question why they do these things so much so that you end up bringing yourself down to their level to try to understand it. Know that they do the things that they do out of insecurity, frustration, and fear. Period. They are walking defense mechanisms against the hurt that they have experienced throughout their lives by being unable to transcend the mindset that we are all too often taught is supposed to be the “normal” paradigm. Some of these people may be people who you are close to and it may feel like by being in a loving, appreciative state without them that you’re somehow rejecting them. This is simply untrue. The only thing that you can do for them is to remain on a higher vibration and show it to them in the hopes that they might find their own way there.

If you’ve lost your way for a moment, step out of the norm. Go somewhere pretty. Unleash your brain’s potential and it will take you as far as you can imagine going so long as you stay grateful and enjoy what comes in the moment. You create your own reality minute by minute. Don’t spend another minute being in a crappy state. It a waste of time. Fuck anybody who despises you for being happy. They’re miserable because they simply don’t understand the laws of the universe yet and they will likely despise you even more if you try to tell them that it’s their own fault they they are where they are. They don’t deserve it. They are simply manifesting it into their own reality. Let them be. Just be you. Be happy. If you can’t be happy then at least be content. Cultivate gratitude deeply every morning.

Know yourself. Love the good parts. Be appreciative that you have so much love to give even if there’s no one else there at there at that exact moment to receive it. Be grateful and keep cycling it back to you. You deserve it because everyone deserves it. Everyone in the entire universe deserves love, appreciation, contentedness, and abundance. Again, those who are not living an abundant life are doing so simply because they are running an old program that keeps them in a state that is not condusive to receiving all that awaits them if they just move into flow.

Flow is the space where everything comes together. The key to staying in it is having faith as it works itself out. ..Like many small rivers all working into one large flowing river, it takes time. Have faith. Be patient. Don’t let fear in but if it does for a second, know that you are simply a human surrounded by humans who paths may be different from yours. Try not to let others sway your vibration. No one can take away the love you have within you but you. You may slip a little occasionally from time to time until you learn to stay in the flow all the time. When you do, take time if you feel you need to examine what it was that made you slip but do not stay in the negative space any longer than is necessary. Dig deep but quickly forgive yourself and move on. Fuck anyone who thinks that you should stay there for any reason ever. Find your happy place. Do not delay. Do it now. Don’t worry about what anyone things, If you have in someway manifested any type of lack in your current reality, it may seem completely contradictory and crazy to go to the beach or run around dancing when it seems like you should be taking proactive steps to force a solution to the lack. It doesn’t matter. Do it anyway. Staying in a state of lack and trying to force a solution from that place will only bring more lack. This much I know for a fact. If your family or anyone else thinks that you’re an asshole for being happy and enjoying your life even during the times that it seems outwardly that you should be most unhappy and suffering, it doesn’t matter. Again they are running an old program. Forgive them, empathize with them, and if possible without compromising your own happiness, lead by example. Show them through the beauty of your own energy and actions that their reactions and perceptions of everything alone dictate their own vibrational stasis point. No one can make you feel anything you don’t want to feel except you. Keep the love within.

Once you are in a state of abundance, opportunities will continue to present themselves. If someone opens a door for you, say thank you and walk through it graciously and as quickly as you can with a state of great gratitude. The more appreciation you can summon up on the inside, the more they will feel loved for having given you the opportunity. People love feeling loved so they will give you more opportunities because they will enjoy the way that you make them feel.

Be careful though during these times to be grateful but aware of your standards and boundaries. Sometimes if your gratitude appears to be coming from a place of ‘not having had’ rather than a strength in knowing we all deserve the best, the giver may read it as weakness on your part (due to the old hierarchical order things have been in for so long) and see it as an opportunity to feel superior to you; to place themselves above you, if you will. It is a bird in a cage effect and is purely ego and you have been guilty of it as well. Material things are just energy just like everything else. Just like us. Things have no intrinsic value beyond what we give them. Money itself is just energy. Just paper representations of energy exchanged as trade for energy put forth. Hell, it’s not even that. It’s just numbers in a computer. Sometimes they’re higher. Sometimes they’re lower. Things sometimes tend to be a little more comfortable (one less thing to fret over) when they’re higher but it all means absolutely nothing outside of how much comfort your human body wants around it. No one is any better or any lesser than anyone else due to how much or how cool of things they have. Period. That said, when you express your appreciation and gratitude for opportunities and doors open, be sure to be humble but also strong, confident, and assured. Do not take less than you deserve. Know that you are worthy of great abundance if you desire it and surround yourself with people who understand these laws as well. They will know you when you come in. Give them a genuine smile. They will recognize the gleam in your eye and welcome you. Do not be afraid of them. They too had to find their way to this path. Often the light shows itself when the path is dark and we’re all guilty of wandering down the wrong path at some point or another. Though every path leads to the path of abundance eventually once you understand these laws.

You create your own reality minute by minute. Look around you. Everything you see was created through the power of manifestation and it’s fucking amazing. You are so mother fucking lucky. To not see it is like slapping God in the face. Appreciate it. Everyday. Be grateful that the god energy of all that is including you brought you to the place where you are standing at this very moment…

With eyes to be able to see it’s beauty, legs to be able walk across it’s sand and grass, hands to touch it’s smooth softness, a nose to smell it’s sweet fragrance, ears to hear it’s beautiful melody, and a tongue to enjoy it’s delicious flavors. It is fucking amazing so if you’re standing there feeling crappy or sorry for yourself, instead say “thank you” to the parent inside you who sometimes tries to warn you about dangers, say “I love you, you are ok” to the child inside you who needs to feel safe and loved, and take a deep breath. Connect to the you that is a part of the all and take sixty seconds to really feel the gratitude for it’s mysteries and magic.

People will help you when you’re in a trusting space. Just. Be. You. And never apologize for it. Some people will like you and some will not. It all depends on their vibration and wherever blocks they may be working through of their own and the triggers you may unknowing set off. You are not perfect but try to be the best that you can be at all times. Not everyone has to be your best friend or even like you for that matter. As they say “those who matter don’t mind and those who mind don’t matter.” Stay in a good place and trust that the universe is shifting itself so that you will find that you are surrounded more and more with more like-minded people who are also in flow.

Even if you are alone at the moment, know that people look to you to find their own sense of peace and direction toward their own path when you are in flow to guide them. Stay humble about his. Do not allow ego or spiritual righteousness to take over. Be gracious to God for giving you these gifts. You are here to help to shift the world into the new paradigm; to let them know it’s ok to let go. In order to do so though you must let go yourself all the time. Let go of the old paradigm completely and stay in the flow no matter what third dimensional reality says or shows. As stated before, sometimes it takes many rivers a long time to flow into the one. Just keep being grateful that you have been blessed in this lifetime to be a river at all.

Life is a magical movie. It is meant to be lived to the fullest as much as possible.

Of course one needs to be responsible and take care of oneself surrounded by comfort and safety which is all the more incentive to manifest abundance, whatever that may mean to you. Life can be lived just as grandly in a tent as it can in a mansion. It’s all personal preference but it does tend to be a little easier to live life to the fullest and experience adventure when you have the means to do so. Be generous and kind to those who have yet figure it out. Show them your light. Live and let love. Do not be afraid to look in the eyes of anyone and everyone you meet. Have the confidence to look at them – to really look at them. Do not feel ashamed or apologize if what you see in their soul is something they’re ashamed of. We all carry this. Encourage yourself and those around you to dig deep. No one needs to be carrying around shame and guilt anymore. Those of us given the gift of empathy were given it for a reason. We are all mirrors to assist each other in seeing the direction we each need to take find the way to our own unique path. People may not always like what is reflected back at them. This includes you. Be gentle in your delivery and humble your guidance. Know that we are conduits for spirit and nothing more. You have simply been granted access to a place that everyone in the universe has access to at all times but each person has to find their own doorway in. It is a gift from God, A gift from oneself. The greatest gift one can ever give. True love and forgiveness of all creation. Do not take it for granted, and do not allow anyone else’s opinions of you to take you out of the space of love & harmony with all that is. It is okay to be here. You are allowed to be here no matter where anyone else may be. Everyone deserves to be here. It is a choice that we make each and every minute of each and every day. You are in gods home and no one can force you to leave it but you. Be grateful for it for as long as it lasts. Should you fall out of it for a moment, forgive yourself and read this. If you’re having troubles getting back, simply take a deep breath, know that you are loved and safe regardless. Trust that you will always be taken care of long as you trust that you will always be taken care of.

Stop trying to figure everything out all the time. It’s not supposed to make sense right away. Sometimes we see the fourth step up before we see the first two or the last three and it makes us confused. We don’t know whether or not we should step on the first step because it feels dangerous and risky. Trust your intuition and know that is is guiding you in the right direction at all times. Listen to your gut and live by it without fail for it is the voice of the god matrix of all that is. Stay tuned in no matter what. Be patient with everything and everyone. Have faith. The answers will come. They may not be what you expect so try to live without expectation.

Faith is knowing that the answer will come. Expectation is thinking that you know what the answer may be. Do not speculate, just trust.

And always always always, maintain your sense of humor. Laughter is the key to the medicine cabinet. 🙂

This is your life. Enjoy it. Heaven on earth is yours if you believe that you are living in heaven.

Just Be Patient. Just Be You. Just Be Love.

And so it is…


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