The Symphony

Life isn’t just something you do every day.

It’s not just this thing you have to get up and get through.

It’s here for us to experience it in all it’s wondrousness

the highs AND the lows.

Appreciate the entire symphony.

Just observe and love it.

It is a journey, not a destination.

We run these old programs day after day

settle into habits and rarely look off in the distance.

It’s so much more than just stopping to smell the flowers.

We have to break ourselves open

crack the exterior that is the name that we know

become bewildered by our own fear

until we realize just how ridiculous it is.

Let go of all notions of this or that, us & them

and breathe it in through more than just the senses.

Ask God to break you open

Scream it to the heavens.

It’s all an experience

this magnificent existence.

Take whatever comes with no expectation, no assumptions, no judgement

Just take it all with humility.

It is only what you think it is and shall ever be.


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