Peace and love ain’t just for hippies

Not a big fan of the word “hippie” or any word that assumes behaviors, characteristics, or viewpoints based on appearances or attempts to boil groups of very diverse people down into one sweeping blanket judgement. As with most generalizations, judgmental labeling words usually carry with them a whole host of bad connotations and social stigmas that do not facilitate open-mindedness to potential new ideas and people but rather slam the door shut on a word without even peeking inside. The term “conspiracy theorist” has the same effect.

Want to discredit someone without even giving them a chance? Refer to them as a “hippie” or a “conspiracy theorist,” or hell, a “redneck” or a “new-ager” or a “bitch” or a “hood rat” or “stupid girl” or “pussy” or “prepper” or “rich lady” or any other semi-acceptable name calling words with built-in social connotations you can find to shut down their credibility and tuck them neatly into the assumptions & expectations box.

It’s in our nature to classify things for cognitive organizational purposes & sometimes self-protection, yes. On the flip-side, uber-uptight political correctness can be irritating and judgmental in and of itself. We’ve got a lot of information coming at us to sort through it’s true, but the world is growing and changing exponentially and so are we. These are evolutionary times much different than anything we’ve ever experienced. It’s a different world than it used to be and we are different in it.

Maybe it’s time that we stop assuming that we know ANYthing about the lives of the people we encounter every day.

Yes, people can be extremely predictable but we all have our accomplishments and struggles that make us unique and we don’t necessarily always wear them outwardly. Even when we do, they’re changing all the time. You have no idea what a person has been through to bring them to where they are. We are each on our own unique path living our very own unique truth, different but the same as each other but more importantly, different than who we used to be. You are not the person you were yesterday, last year, or ten years ago and neither is anyone else. You can have the same experience time and time again but it can feel completely different each time – not because the experience itself or the places involved are different but because YOU are different. Perspective is everything.

As more people awaken, it’s important to give space to grow and to encourage everyone to be the best version of themselves they can possibly be, which may not be who YOU would want to be or what YOU might want to do.
Judgement is old-school and usually reflects a deep sense of insecurity projected as a need to place oneself in a position of superiority over others. We are all guilty of it at times but it’s time to evolve into something bigger, more expansive. We are much more complex than labels allow for. We are each unique snowflakes on different paths to the same place. Snap judgements and pigeon holing don’t allow for growth. Openness and acceptance do.

Greet people with an open heart. No judgements. No assumptions. No expectations. Conscious evolution begins within.


Peace & love, people.
It ain’t just for hippies anymore.


End “hippie” rant.


One thought on “Peace and love ain’t just for hippies

  1. Perspective is everything . . . exactly, That’s one reason I don’t mind when someone decides to judge me. There is a line and as long as they are merely judging, even if they decide to distance themselves from me, it’s okay, it’s their life and I think that’s the point. Most people don’t know how being judgmental actually limits their own happiness. Bring that message home and see the world change. Cheers, Davida

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