How do you fight ignorance?

How do you fight ignorance?
Syrian refugees, lions hunted, baby dolphins dying while people take selphies with it, plastic in the oceans, corporate profits through the roof, rain forest being bulldozed down, and nobody thinks it’s their fault. But every day we buy things and make decisions that in small increments always affect the whole. We are one organism and whether we like it or not, we are all responsible.
So what do we do?
Walking around with a heart full of hurt doesn’t seem to solve any of the worlds problems and most of us don’t have the time, energy, or resources to devote to tackling these kinds of issues. Even if we do, where do we even begin? It’s like standing there with a band aid looking over shot gun hole. The world’s problems can be overwhelming for those of us who truly feel them. Empathy – Is it a blessing or a curse?

There are many answers but they all must start with a planetary change in consciousness.

Can attributes like empathy be taught? Are some of our brains more hardwired than others to feel the plight of the rest of the world? What do we do about those with no empathy and little compassion? Is it their fault? Are they biologically wired differently than the rest of us?

How do we go about waking up the world without getting so mired up in the peril of the planet that we feel as though we’re sinking while trying?

What do we do? Violence and anger just begets more violence and anger and perpetuates the problem.

Some say love is the answer and other people laugh at their silliness, make fun of their hippie ideals but the truth is, all one has to do is take a look around to realize that in our world, the notion of “God” has been replaced by money. It’s not that money itself is inherently bad or good but our addiction to it is never ending. There never seems to be enough. We always want more. More stuff, more stuff, and then we’ll be perfect but we never are. We are all works in progress, becoming conscious of ourselves individually and collectively as one planetary organism.

It is time that we wake up.
What do we do?
What do you do?
And how can we stay sane & maybe even happy amidst all the turmoil?


This is a judgement free zone of compassion not criticism.

Comments and dialogue are encouraged. Please play nice.


4 thoughts on “How do you fight ignorance?

  1. Poor Miss Lila.
    When they were handing out empathy, she thought they said Entenmann’s and asked for biggo piece. Girl was just hawngry that day.
    Many choose to be helpful, nurturing, and protective. Some choose to bring nothing to the table, and others only take and take until there is nothing left.
    Each person’s commitment to the world organism is ultimately their own choice.
    I’m not going to say maybe you should take it down a notch and try to relax a little. Maybe the organism depends on the Lila’s it has to shore up the weak spots.
    But I do hope you can sit back and appreciate your level of commitment sometimes, realize you are doing your best, then kick off the shoes that you’re probably not wearing, have a margarita and let Nature take it’s course.
    The way I see it, nobody’s destroying the planet. This planet has seen worse things than humanity and it keeps on spinning.
    What we are destroying is ourselves. Earth will one day fling us all into oblivian with a toss of her hair, then maybe try a new evolution with avian species on top.
    And to this I say, “Fine.”. We’ll have gotten exactly what we asked for.
    To those who believe there is some sort of purpose or planned trajectory to our existence, who’s to say that was not always the planetary itinerary?
    So how do you fight ignorance?
    You don’t, Sweetie.
    Where there’s smart there is stupid, where there is good there is bad, hot/cold, happy/sad,…yin~yang. You know this one.
    I like to give them a little bitch-slap now & then for my own sanity, but it doesn’t really change anything.
    Now get on your bike and do a lime-run while I sort my recyclables, chill the tequila, and salt these glasses.
    We’re gonna teach Miss Lila to say, “Fuck it.”.

  2. Shanna, you’re on it and this is an excellent place to start the conversation. So let’s check some perspectives. In recent months the concept of Soul development has been forefront in my mind. There’s no way for an experienced Soul to deeply communicate with a new Soul. The language is simply foreign, the inexperienced Soul had no way to relate. That, I believe, is our greatest hurdle if we are going to do anything serious and long-term. Extracting ourselves from the emotional maelstrom that is life on earth outs so very important if we are to get a grip on our early nature. That’s all from me for now. Cheers, Davida

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